Site info


Here is some more information for the day-of the event:

1. There is a designated parking area on site. We have a map, but it won’t attach, so please follow the sign(s) to the parking area. We also hope to have someone to help direct parking.

2. The designated smoking area is on the graveled area (e.g. driveway) only.

3. Please use the cans that will be set out for garbage and recycling.

4. There is a long gravel driveway leading to the site. This time of year, it gets pretty dusty, so please drive slowly in consideration of the neighbors.

5. Sunscreen and bug spray are a very good idea.

6. If you’ve misplaced the address to the site, please see our prior post entitled THE ADDRESS FOR THE CEREMONY & RECEPTION.

Thanks all!


Updates: Dinner Menu, Attire, Last Call for RSVPs

DINNER: The dinner menu has changed. We’ll be serving summer BBQ fare instead of medieval food. The medieval buffet was a great idea, but not very realistic given the fact that we’re not using a caterer. There will be plenty of delicious modern food, though. Sorry for the inconvenience if you were looking forward to eating roast beast…Some guests have asked us if they should bring a dish to share. While it’s not a potluck, per se, any additional dishes would be welcome. Yep, we’re a bunch of foodies!

CLOTHING: Some guests have asked what they should wear. If you have medieval (e.g. SCA), Ren-faire, medieval-fantasy or pagan clothes, we’d love it if you wore them to add to the atmosphere. If you don’t have these things, please don’t feel obligated to buy them. You can wear your modern clothes too.

RSVPS: If you are planning to attend but have not RSVPed by tomorrow 8/12, you may find yourself without a chair. We have to finalize our chair rental order by Tues. Please RSVP ASAP by emailing Melanie at

More details, including a site map with parking info, coming soon!


The address for the ceremony & reception is: 6229 91st Lane SE Olympia, WA 98513

The site will open at 3:30PM and close at 10PM. The ceremony will be at 4:30PM, followed by a reception and buffet-style feast. Please RSVP so we can get a head count for the feast.

The site is out in the country, so please plan accordingly. The property belongs to our friends and they have horses, dogs and other critters, so please drive slowly.

There are amenities (Safeway, QFC and Chevron) 3 miles from site. The closest hospital is Providence St Peter’s, which is 7 miles from site.

Stay tuned! More information is coming…